Welcome Letters

Dear Exhibitors!
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

It is with great honour that I welcome you to the Securex Caspian-2020 13th International Exhibition for Internal Security, Safety and Rescue Equipment, which will be held for the first time as part of the ADEX-2020 exhibition.

With its centuries-long history of statehood and the first democratic republic in the Ancient East, Azerbaijan has chosen the path of building a modern democratic state based on its national state traditions, history and cultural heritage. The Republic of Azerbaijan was subjected to military aggression during the initial stage of its independence, faced with internal instability, economic crisis, difficulties in its transition and other challenging problems. Nevertheless, under the wise leadership of the National Leader of the Azerbaijani people, Heydar Aliyev, the Republic of Azerbaijan overcame all these obstacles and determined the right strategic development and is now successfully moving forward under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev to become a modern country developing dynamically from the economic, political and other perspectives.

In a world where globalisation is becoming more widespread and dynamically changing, countries are increasingly facing security challenges. Among the measures taken in this direction, the relevance of the exchange of modern technologies and security facilities is steadily increasing. In the context of rapid global changes, individual countries and the whole world face a number of threats, such as terrorism, conflicts, the rise of transnational organised crime, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, environmental pollution and illegal drug trafficking. These factors make it necessary to identify the priorities of each state, the risks to security, and to take adequate measures to prevent and eliminate those risks.

The leading countries of the world will showcase the latest achievements in the field of security and protection, and advanced technology and equipment as part of the Securex Caspian- 2020 exhibition that can be attributed to the abovementioned measures. The exhibition will be an effective platform for establishing business contacts and creating new areas of cooperation for reputable foreign companies and organisations from friendly and allied countries worldwide.

By demonstrating the achievements in the field of security and defence, Securex Caspian-2020 will provide extensive opportunities for participants, experts and visitors to learn about new products and technologies, including the sharing of knowledge and experience, and effective business contacts. It will also remain committed to its tradition of establishing mutually beneficial contracts.

I believe that this exhibition will bring together the leading security and rescue organisations and manufacturers in our country and abroad, and will be an important event in the region. The equipment and technology that will be displayed at the exhibition, including the exchange of experience will contribute to the creation of new business relationships and cooperation opportunities with all the participants, as well as to ensuring security and stability in the region.

Once again I feel proud to welcome the exhibitors to Baku and wish them a fruitful time during the exhibition.

Dear exhibition organizers and participants!

I welcome you on the occasion of the 13th International Exhibition for Internal Security, Safety and Rescue Equipment “Securex Caspian-2020”.

The radical reforms carried out under the leadership of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and the focused national policy ensured further strengthening of the fight against crime, control of crime situation, maintenance of public security, reliable protection of stability and security in the country for many years, and as a result Azerbaijan has become one of the countries where international events are held on a regular basis.

Application of solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies and innovations including technical aids and equipment are of particular importance in such high achievements.

From this perspective, the development of this field in the internal affairs bodies is always in the focus of attention. As a result of the priority given by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan to this sphere, the process of improving the logistics in the internal affairs bodies and internal troops continues at a steady pace.

The “Securex Caspian-2020” Exhibition includes police, border control and rescue equipment and other important fields and I am confident that it will contribute to building business relationship among the most authoritative international organizations and equivalent institutions of our countries, further development of mutual cooperation and exchange of experience and information.

I express my appreciation to the organizers and wish each participant to achieve positive results at the exhibition.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to welcome you at the opening of the “Securex Caspian 2020” – 13th International Exhibition for Internal Security, Safety and Rescue Equipment and wish the exhibition success.

Independent Azerbaijan, founded by the national leader Heydar Aliyev, responding to the challenges of the globalizing world with its historical achievements and new development model, and becoming the region’s leading country under the leadership of the President Ilham Aliyev, is regarded by the global power centres, the words and promises of which is trusted in and open for cooperation.

As is known, the ultimate goal of the Azerbaijani state is the nation’s welfare, and one of the main terms to ensure it is the citizens’ safety. President Ilham Aliyev, approaching the ensuring of the society’s safety in the light of modern standards, signed a decree on establishment of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan in December 2005, in order to improve the level of protection of the country from emergencies and various hazards along with economic development.

As a result of special care and attention by the President Ilham Aliyev, who since the first day has assigned very strict tasks for us on ensuring the safety of citizens’ life and activity, “applying of every kind of advanced technologies in all spheres in Azerbaijan”, the equipment parks of all bodies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations have been enriched with the most modern machines and mechanisms. Significant works have been done in raising of the level of cadre potential, implementation of advanced experiences in management of various emergencies, applying the most recent achievements of IT.

Through applying the national development strategy our country has already become one of the main venues for international events and exhibitions not only in economic, humanitarian, cultural and sports, but also in security spheres. The Ministry of Defense Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan, achieving great progress within a short period of time, successfully increases its capacity and broadens its productive potential year by year. A wide range of new generation defense products and other military goods, produced at the enterprises of the Ministry of Defense Industry, are successfully exported along with supplying the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan.

I should also note that gathering in Azerbaijan the leading manufactures of security, safety and rescue equipment, as well as companies, businesses and industrial units in this sphere, is a great honor and the huge interest shown in the exhibition is an obvious sign that our country, which is one of a few members of the “space club” and known as the island of stability and security, has become an important strategic partner in the regional and international markets. The exhibition that is quite important event for Azerbaijan to demonstrate its non-oil sector potential and achievements, creates an excellent opportunity for mutual information exchange among the participants, visitors, as well as the companies and establishing a new foundation of future successes.

I believe that the exhibition “Secures Caspian 2020” will significantly contribute to establishing new useful cooperative relations, increasing scientific and technological potential and will reach its goals.

Dear participants of the Securex Caspian 2020 exhibition!

It is my pleasure to welcome you at the 13th International Exhibition for Internal Security, Safety and Rescue Equipment - Securex Caspian-2020, held jointly with the 4th Azerbaijan International Defense Exhibition - ADEX-2020.

This significant international event contributes to the development of interaction among border protection and law enforcement agencies, rescue and special services with a view to acquaint with modern and perspective models of equipment, security systems and weapons. The experience of holding this exhibition, which has become traditional for our country, shows the efficiency of this event in creating favourable conditions for the development of cooperation, the exchange of experience and implementation of tasks on ensuring security of states.

I am sure the productive meetings and business negotiations within the framework of this event will be resulted in the conclusion of mutually beneficial contracts, signing of agreements and memorandums with a view to expand mutually beneficial cooperation.

All interested organizations are kindly invited to participate in the exhibition Securex Caspian-2020.

I wish the participants and guests of the event productive work and high achievements.

To the organizers and participants of the exhibition!

I welcome the organizers and participants of Securex Caspian 2020 - 13th International Exhibition for Internal Security, Safety and Rescue Equipment and wish them good success in their activities!

The exhibition is an important platform from point of view of displaying modern technical facilities, weapons and special equipment, presentation of specific goods, also for establishing businesslike contacts.

As a result of purposeful home and foreign policy pursued by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev, our country has occupied worthy place among the countries of the world, the reforms that have been realized successfully in political, economical and social spheres have fruitful results and high progress was achieved.

Preserving and increasing the achievements gained in all fields put important duties before other bodies, as well as special service agencies. In this direction, the State Security Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan tries to form its activity to meet present-day requirements. The efforts are being increased in order to fulfill the duties which come out of national security conception, in the result of joint activity with other law enforcement bodies the struggle for the sake of people’s interests, constitutional structure of the state, territorial integrity, political-economical independence, also the struggle against various types of terrorism and transnational organized crimes is being strengthened day by day.

In the State Security Service which gave important gifts to the guarantee for international security and was accepted as the trustworthy partner by foreign partners, the role of the use of new techniques and technologies is irreplaceable. From this view point, we consider that holding such exhibitions which rear the achievements of science and engineering is worth of esteem.

 I hope that represented agencies and organizations, also the participants will obtain necessary knowledge in the exhibition and drive rational benefit in implementation and experience exchange in their future activities.

I congratulate once again the organizers and participants of Securex Caspian 2020 - 13th International Exhibition for Internal Security, Safety and Rescue Equipment exhibition and wish them success in their work.