Developments in the field of security and fire alarms

Developments in the field of security and fire alarms

19 october 2016 0000

Ilsur Khammatulin, Head of the CIS Development Group, Teko-Trading House LLC

- Teco-Trading House LLC was founded in Kazan. It was set up as a plant called JSC Scientific-Technical Centre TECO for the production of security and fire alarms. Over the last ten years our company has been leading in the production of security systems. Its consumers are organisations and individuals who care about their personal safety and that of their property. The company specializes in the manufacture of the detectors for volume and acoustic systems, as well as unique fire alarm radio-channel systems. Our production line includes alarm systems for small businesses, smart house programmes and mobile security systems.

At this exhibition we offer various types of detectors, including optoelectronic passive, superficial sound, integrated, radio-wave, ultrasound and hybrid detectors. Among our offers are control and indicating equipment, radio consoles, warning means, indicating units, radio-channel equipment, etc. Note that all products have been developed by Russian experts using their own resources.

This is the second year we are participating in this exhibition. Based on the results of the last exhibition, we have made certain successful steps in promoting our products in the Azerbaijani market. Therefore this year we intend to establish new cooperative relations with trading companies and mounting experts who are well familiar with our equipment.