In Azerbaijan the next season of trade and industrial exhibitions starts in September

In Azerbaijan the next season of trade and industrial exhibitions starts in September

23 august 2017 0000

In Azerbaijan the next season of trade and industrial exhibitions starts in September. Iteca Caspian will hold 7 international exhibitions until the end of 2017, where the exhibitors will be able to study the market, attract new partners and benefit from the networking opportunities. Visitors to these exhibitions will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with goods or services, hold face to face meetings with producers or suppliers and establish useful contacts and sign important contracts. The themes of all these exhibitions will reflect the non-oil sectors of Azerbaijan's economy. All the exhibitions are held with official support from the state structures of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The new exhibition season will start with the 23rd Azerbaijan International Healthcare Exhibition, BIHE 2017 and continue the 11th Azerbaijan International Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine Exhibition, Beauty Azerbaijan 2017. The exhibitions will be held from the 28th to the 30th of September at Baku Expo Center. It is expected that the combined concept of all exhibitions will bring together over 100 participants, including companies from Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Germany, India, Italy, Iran, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Switzerland, among others. Alongside foreign manufacturers, BIHE will also welcome local distributors of medical equipment and medicine, who are partners with some of the largest global players in the market. Among them are BTL Industries, Labservis and Planeta. This year’s exhibition will showcase medical and laboratory equipment and devices (e.g. equipment for operating tables, laser equipment for plastic surgery), pharmaceuticals, medical appliances, as well as pharmaceutical equipment.  

A comprehensive business programme will also form a part of the event. A Congress of Doctors will be held for the first time within the framework of the exhibition and will consist of several panel discussions; it will be attended by the leading doctors from different fields of medicine. On the second day of the exhibition, the Organisers will conduct a workshop for exhibitors and local manufacturers and distributors. This will be an additional effective business platform for direct meetings and negotiations between the market players. The purpose of the workshop is to help the exhibitors to establish effective business relations with local companies, and for visitors, to expand their distribution networks.

From year to year, the Beauty Azerbaijan exhibition attracts industry professionals from various parts of the world, helping them to enter the local market. Beauty Azerbaijan 2017 will be attended by companies from Azerbaijan, Italy, Korea, Russia, and USA; they will present professional cosmetics, beauty salon equipment and cosmetology devices. There is also a plan to hold Master Classes and B2B meetings.

The exhibition season will then continue with the largest  exhibition event in the Caspian region - Caspian Construction Week which will feature the 23rd Azerbaijan International Construction Exhibition WorldBuild Baku 2017, the 10th Anniversary International Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Water Supply, Sanitary Ware, Environmental Technology, Swimming Pools and Renewable Energy Exhibition, Aquatherm Baku 2017, and the 10th Caspian International Protection, Security and Rescue Exhibition Securika Caspian 2017 (October 18-21).

The capital of Azerbaijan once again looks forward to an intense season of specialized exhibitions, which will give businesses the opportunity to showcase their innovations and announce their plans for the future, while instantly receiving feedbacks. Exhibitions are also an excellent platform for maintaining and strengthening old links, as well as a place where new acquaintances and business relationships are established. Exhibitions are important in terms of branding opportunities; trade shows are also a chance to review participants and report both on the work done and the results. In addition, this is the best place where you can settle legions of current technical and commercial issues through direct negotiations in a short period of time, which otherwise would long remain unanswered in e-mails and telephone communications. It is not a coincidence that the exhibitions are called the ‘territory of handshakes’.

Fast Track online registration system for all the exhibitions is now available on the official websites of the events. An e-ticket with barcode can be obtained by passing the registration procedure on the website. Having this barcode will allow you to take advantage of FAST TRACK SERVICE; requiring only a few minutes, this process significantly saves time when registering at Baku Expo Centre. The exhibitions are free for visitors. For more information about all the exhibitions and the services that they provide to visitors and participants, please visit the websites, as well as the official exhibition pages on social networks. Among Iteca Caspian’s 2017 partners are the travel agency Premier Tour; the official hotels Sheraton Hotel and Qafqaz Point Hotel; and official stand builder AzExpoMontage.