Our products have withstood the most stringent tests!

Our products have withstood the most stringent tests!

20 october 2016 0000

Abdullah Suner, Head of Foreign Trade Department at ArmaKontrol

- The production company ArmaKontrol is specialized in the manufacture and installation of a wide range of automated security systems. At the CIPS Securika 2016 exhibition, visitors can see the samples of shockproof hydraulic barriers, bollards of different diameters and heights, road blockers, road traps, barrier gates which are not affected by weather conditions and precipitation, etc - all in our stand here. We also present automatic parking systems and number plate recognition, as well as parking locks, turnstile systems, and much more.

All products are manufactured at our facility in Turkey to the highest standards. For example, barrier blocks passed the most stringent world crash tests, during which the 12-ton truck could not overcome the barrier set at 80 km / h. The video of these tests is being demonstrated on the monitors installed at our stand.

Although it is our debut at this exhibition, we are already well known in Azerbaijan as we have successfully implemented several projects in this country. Many customers have reached us through the Internet. We have come here to express ourselves and to showcase our products and capabilities to all interested parties. We hope to hold meetings with representatives of construction companies, especially with those who are involved in the construction of shopping malls, hotels, buildings of public purpose, gates and fences of military bases, PDA, etc.

We are very pleased both with the exhibition and with the composition of its participants and visitors who are very active since the very first day.