The scale and effect of this exhibition impresses all visitors!

The scale and effect of this exhibition impresses all visitors!

9 September 2022 0000

Nikita Bogdanov, customer relations manager at Moody's Analytics

This is my first time at the ADEX exhibition, I arrived  with my colleagues. We are trying to find potential customers here in the field of security. In particular, we work with a large number of ministries, various state structures related to security. I managed to make some contacts and find what I was looking for and wanted to see.

I was very interested in the stands where the ministries are represented. I was very impressed with the pavilions with weapons and equipment. Not only myself, because such expositions one does not see every day!

Of course, I cannot help but notice the organisation of the exhibition, which is held at the highest level.

I really hope that in two years our company will also be able to participate in ADEX with its stand, as the scale of this exhibition is simply amazing.

I believe that holding such exhibitions provides an excellent opportunity to have live discussions, find new connections, share information and familiarise customers with the products. Because it is very difficult to do this by mail and video communication, and the result is not so effective.