We are striving for business cooperation with Azerbaijan

We are striving for business cooperation with Azerbaijan

18 October 2017 0000

 Aleksandr Dyachkov, Director of OOO GES (Russia)

- Cesis Montaj is located in the city of Pemza. Technical attributes of state borders, government residences, nuclear power plants - all this has been made in Pemza since the times of the Soviet Union. Now we are working with a new quality, by using modern technologies, and our enterprise in Russia today occupies one of the leading places in terms of the output. We produce various kinds of perimeter barriers. They include any kinds of obstacles, gates of any size, and anti-trolling devices. In addition, we manufacture technical security equipment installed on these barriers. Accordingly, the listed products are aimed at providing industrial facilities, borders, enterprises, private houses.

Despite the fact that we work in many countries of the near abroad, unfortunately, with Azerbaijan, business cooperation has not been established so far. That's why we have decided to come and participate in the Securika exhibition, so that our products could be recognized in the local market. We know which ministries usually work with us, and, accordingly, we have applied to a number of state agencies in Azerbaijan. Several meetings were held, in particular, with border guards and representatives of the oil and gas industry. Taking into account the interest in our products, we hope for the further development of our relations.