Magal`s new platform provides complete situational awareness

Magal`s new platform provides complete situational awareness

23 August 2022 0000

Mr. Arnon Bram, CEO, Magal Security Systems      

Magal Security Systems provides physical and virtual security & safety solutions worldwide.

Designing, implementing, and maintaining some of the world's most complex and interconnected security & safety projects, Magal combines integration, project management, software development, and sensor engineering with extensive experience and in-house R&D to deliver advanced end-to-end solutions that streamline operations and ensure business continuity, safety, and operational efficiency.

The company’s diverse portfolio includes Seaports, Oil & Gas, National Borders, and Strategic Sites (Airports, Govt. Buildings, Critical Infrastructure, Correctional Facilities, Stadiums and Arenas).

At the SECUREX 2022 exhibition we will present Magal's Fortis X C5i platform. This platform provides complete situational awareness. Using artificial intelligence (AI), smart data fusion, and a predictive analytics engine, Fortis X processes and consolidates large amounts of raw data from multiple systems, providing a unified and coherent image of the entire site, allowing a single operator to manage and address security challenges in a minimum amount of time.

Fortis X is developed with an open system architecture that can be integrated with any existing security management equipment and 3rd party subsystems. It is fully adaptable to fulfill our customers’ demands in accordance with current & future infrastructures, operational processes and procedures, scenarios, security clearances, safety requirements and budgets.

Fortis X offers a state-of-the-art solution for logistics and operational efficiency with its superior data fusion and multi-system integration capabilities, automating site access and exit, cargo management, work permits, safety procedures, and incident management. Digital logistics management streamlines your operation, enhances efficiency and throughput, saving time, resources, and operational expenses.